Mercedes Vehicles Recalled Due to Emissions Faults

It’s now nearing the end of 2022 but Mercedes-Benz is still in the news for issues linked to the 2015 diesel emissions scandal. Over the years, the German carmaker has had to deal with various Dieselgate-related developments – recall vehicles, attend to litigations or class-action lawsuits, pay off fines, and deal with orders from authorities. It’s an endless cycle, but one that’s expected since falsifying emissions is highly illegal and can destroy lives.

Mercedes’ Dieselgate story started in 2018 when millions of their diesel vehicles in Germany were discovered to have been installed with defeat devices used to cheat emission tests. Across Europe, authorities found an estimated 774,000 vehicles equipped with the cheat software. Of these, around 238,000 were ordered for immediate recall in Germany.

Daimler, Mercedes’ parent company, then announced that recalls were also in order for affected vehicles in the UK. The company gave its word that the recall will be Europe-wide.

The statement shared by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority or KBA indicated that the Germany-wide recall was linked to Mercedes’ use of unauthorised cheat devices. Vehicles included in the recall are mainly models that carry the Euro 6b emission standard. These models are:

  • GLC 2.2-litre diesel/OM 651
  • V-Class 2.2-litre diesel/OM 651
  • GLS/GL/GLE/ML 3.0-litre diesel/OM 642
  • C-Class 1.6-litre diesel/OM 626
  • Vito 1.6-litre diesel/OM 622

Several of the affected vehicles were part of the over three million diesel vehicles of the voluntary service action introduced in 2017 in Europe. The program was still in effect at the time of the 2018 recall.

Recalled vehicles will have their software updated to ensure engine management is corrected. Most updates are completed in an hour or so. Daimler and Mercedes will inform customers if their vehicle is included in the voluntary service action or will be recalled as mandated by authorities. If a vehicle is recalled, it will not be a part of the voluntary service action anymore.

What is the diesel emissions scandal?

Commonly known as the Dieselgate scandal, the diesel emissions scam took place in September 2015 and involved the Volkswagen Group and US authorities, specifically the California Air Resources Board and the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency.

According to the authorities, the Volkswagen Group installed defeat devices in Audi and VW vehicles in the US. These devices are capable of knowing when a vehicle is in regulatory testing. It masks real emission levels by artificially lowering them to within the WHO-regulated limits. So, the vehicle appears clean and safe to authorities, but this changes when it is brought out and driven on real roads – it shifts to its default settings once outside the laboratories, releasing considerable amounts of nitrogen oxide.

Volkswagen denied the allegations but eventually disclosed that most of their officials were aware of the defeat devices and what they were capable of doing. Thus, they marketed and mis-sold their diesel vehicles as environmentally safe even if these were heavy pollutants.

A couple of years later, US authorities implicated Daimler and Mercedes-Benz in the same scandal. Car owners gathered and agreed to file a class-action lawsuit against the German car manufacturer. The allegations soon spread through Europe and eventually reached the UK. Thousands upon thousands of affected car owners began seeking action against Mercedes, and in 2020, the first Mercedes diesel claim was brought to UK courts.

Aside from the VW Group and Mercedes, several other carmakers are involved in the diesel emissions scandal, including BMW, Alfa Romeo, Vauxhall, Renault, and Nissan, among others.

Why are defeat devices dangerous?

What makes defeat devices dangerous are the emissions that they hide when the vehicles are driven. Commonly known as NOx, it is a group of highly reactive and toxic gases. Its primary components are nitric oxide or NO and nitrogen dioxide or NO2.

NOx emissions are known catalysts for acid rain (and acidic pollutant) and smog (a yellowish or brownish cloud that indicates poor air quality). They also produce ground-level ozone, another pollutant. This colourless gas is irritating and can cause several environmental and health impacts. It is a core element of smog and affects vegetation, making crops and plants weak and prone to damage when exposed to extreme temperatures.

A person exposed to nitrogen oxide emissions is at risk for developing several health conditions, and some can be serious:

  • Lungs filled with fluids
  • Vocal cords spasm
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Reduced lung function
  • Chronic headaches
  • Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and other respiratory issues
  • Deficient oxygen supply in the body (asphyxia)
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Reduced cognitive abilities
  • Early death

VW, Mercedes, and all the other carmakers that knowingly installed defeat devices in their diesel vehicles should be held accountable for these impacts. Affected car owners should bring a diesel emissions claim against their carmaker for the ways that the emissions fraud has affected them – and the people around them.

Are you eligible for a Mercedes emissions claim?

If you have a Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicle that was bought between the years 2008 and 2019, then you may be eligible to bring a claim against the carmaker. You have to verify your eligibility first, and the best way to do this would be to work with as they know the eligibility criteria and can point you in the right direction when you’re ready to bring a diesel claim against Mercedes.

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UK Mercedes Owners May Be Owed Compensation – Find Out Why

Mercedes diesel car owners in the UK who purchased their vehicles between 2008 and 2019 may be eligible to receive compensation through a Mercedes emissions claim. This is something many drivers have been waiting for, especially after the Dieselgate scandal of 2015, which started with popular carmaker Volkswagen.

The diesel emissions scandal may have started out as an isolated incident for VW but authorities were relentless in their pursuit of uncovering other similar schemes. Eventually, the scam spread from the US (where it all began) to Europe and the UK, to the whole world. Today, thousands upon thousands (maybe even millions) of car owners are affected and inconvenienced by the impacts of the scandal. This is why law firms throughout the UK have been encouraging affected drivers to claim compensation from their carmakers.

Car owners stand to claim compensation worth a maximum of £10,000. The exact amount of compensation will depend on the circumstances of each case. 

What are diesel emissions claims?

Emissions claims are legal actions brought against car manufacturers involved in the Dieselgate scandal. The claims are compensation for the losses that affected car owners suffered from their carmaker’s deceitful actions.

These claims allow drivers to hold their manufacturers responsible for not adhering to emissions standards, breaking the law, and mis-selling defeat device-equipped vehicles as clean, high-performing, and environmentally safe. 

Mercedes emissions claims

Mercedes emissions claims are brought by owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles against the said manufacturer. 

In the US, the first legal action started a year or so after the 2015 diesel emissions scandal. Owners of affected Mercedes-Benz diesel engines joined together and decided to file a class-action lawsuit in relation to the discovery of emissions tampering devices in their vehicles.

The first Mercedes emissions claim in the UK, on the other hand, did not surface until the year 2020. In 2021, VZBV or the Federation of German Consumer Organizations brought a class-action lawsuit against Daimler, Mercedes’ parent company, through the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court. The claim was for the compensation of around 50,000 affected Mercedes car owners. A Europe-wide legal action against the carmaker was also possible.

If the court is in favour of the car owners, Mercedes and Daimler may have to spend millions to cover the compensation costs. Additionally, authorities may also order them to recall more vehicles.

Why should car owners receive compensation?

The Dieselgate scandal saw US authorities call on the Volkswagen Group officials after the Environmental Protection Board and the California Air Resources Board found defeat devices in VW and Audi diesel vehicles throughout the country. These defeat devices are cheat software programmed to determine when a vehicle is in emissions testing.

After determining that the vehicle is being tested, the devices automatically lessen emissions of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and keep these within the World Health Organization-recommended limits. Therefore, the vehicle appears clean and efficient.

In reality, however, the defeat devices mask or hide the real emissions levels. So, once the vehicle is out of the lab and used on real roads, the software switches back to factory settings and voluminous amounts of nitrogen oxide are released into the air. The levels of NOx emissions almost always violate EU and WHO-mandated limits.

As such, VW and Audi diesel vehicles are heavy pollutants.

Other carmakers were also caught using the illegal defeat devices, including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Peugeot, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Skoda, Nissan, Citroën, Vauxhall, and Jeep, among others. 

The Volkswagen Group and all the other involved manufacturers deceived their customers and mis-sold the vehicles as premium-priced high-performance and environmentally safe products. The truth was that the car owners had no idea that they were driving around towns and cities in vehicles that emitted dangerous gases. 

Nitrogen oxide emissions

The dangerous pollutants mentioned above refer to as NOx or nitrogen oxide, a group of gases that includes nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide (NO). These chemicals catalyse acid rain and smog, as well as ground-level ozone, which greatly impacts vegetation.

Exposure to nitrogen oxide emissions may lead to a reduction in a person’s cognitive abilities, and can also trigger depression, anxiety, and certain mental health-related issues.

The most threatening effects of NOx emissions exposure, though, are those linked to a person’s overall health.

Low-level exposure can lead to headaches, nausea and vomiting, lung issues, fluid in the lungs, asthma, and respiratory diseases such as emphysema and bronchitis. 

High-level NOx emissions exposure can have devastating impacts on human health. A person’s susceptibility to diseases increases, particularly to cardiovascular issues and certain cancers. They can also develop spasms of the vocal cords (otherwise known as laryngospasm), suffer from asphyxiation, and lung function may gradually and chronically lessen. 

Premature death is also a possible impact of exposure to nitrogen oxide emissions.

These environmental and health impacts should encourage affected carmakers to bring claims charges against their manufacturers. 

Diesel claim eligibility

Owning a Mercedes-Benz does not automatically make you eligible to claim emissions compensation. You have to verify your eligibility first before proceeding with your legal case. is highly recommended for this task as they know which direction to take after verifying that you are qualified to make a diesel claim. Get in touch with them right away to start your Mercedes emissions claim process.

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9 Summer tips for HGV drivers

Even in peak summer, the UK does not get as hot as some countries. It can, however, get more than hot enough for the heat to become a challenge. With that in mind, here are five summer tips for HGV drivers.

Dress for the heat 

If your employer doesn’t adjust their uniform for hot conditions, then raise it with them as a health-and-safety issue. Likewise, if your employer doesn’t provide you with a peaked or brimmed hat, bring one yourself. Sunglasses can also be a good idea.

If it’s really hot, you might want to use sweatbands on your head and wrists. You’ll probably still need to wear socks but invest in socks with moisture-wicking properties. These are often sold in sports shops. Alternatively, go for pure cotton. Bring plenty of spares so you can change your socks more than once a day if you wish.

Use standard sun protection 

You can get sunburned through glass, particularly when it’s only single-paned glass. Use the same sun-protection as you would if you were out in the open. That means keeping yourself covered as much as you can stand and use sun-protection products on exposed skin. Your lips are particularly delicate so it’s worth investing in a good lip-balm with high SPF.

Be aware of how warm weather affects your HGV 

In addition to standard maintenance, there are some warm-weather-specific precautions you should take.

Be very careful with tyre pressure 

It’s common knowledge that tyres deflate quickly in cold weather. The reverse of this is that they can literally explode in hot weather. It’s, therefore, crucial to ensure that your tyres stay at exactly the right pressure. Tyres that are under- or over-pressured are at greater risk of exploding.

Watch out for brake fade 

Brakes operate by friction. Friction produces heat. When this is combined with hot temperatures, it can lead to brakes not working as expected. You can minimise this issue by refreshing your brake fluid and brake pads regularly. Even so, you should aim to slow down by decelerating rather than braking.

Take care of your coolants 

Make sure you check your radiator coolant when the engine is completely cool. This is the only way to see for sure how full it is. Also, check your fan and, if you have it, your air conditioning.

Remember your fire equipment 

You should have this with you at any time of year but it’s particularly important in summer.

Keep cool and fresh in your cab 

If you have air-con use it. A little extra fuel is a small price to pay for helping a driver to stay alert in hot weather. If you don’t have air-con, use a fan. Consider putting a blanket down over leather seating and adding a cover to your steering wheel and possibly gearstick. These can make them cooler to touch.

Bring an ample supply of drinking water and remember that water can be sprayed onto your skin. You want a bottle with a spray that creates a fine mist. The idea is to refresh your skin (and mind) without soaking yourself.

Make the most of your breaks. If possible, get out of the cab and move. If temperatures mean this is not safe, move as much as you can within your cab and practice deep breathing. You may also find it helpful to use audio to keep you both alert and calm. Roads can get very busy in summer and it helps to have a clear head to deal with them.

Leave plenty of time for your journey 

Summer is peak time for holidays, short breaks, day-trips and roadworks. All of these can make the roads very busy and hence travel very slow. At the same time, summer can also throw curveballs and have days of horrendous weather. These can make driving conditions very difficult and so it helps to have time on your side.

Author Bio:- Walker Movements are specialists in quality second-hand, used trucks and trailers and are global leaders in the trucking industry. Walker Movements have a true passion for the industry and make it their mission to answer any question customers can throw at them.

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How can HGV drivers stay healthy on the road?

HGV drivers spend a lot of their time on the road and most of that time they are sitting in cabs. This can make it challenging for them to maintain good health. The good news is that a bit of planning can resolve all of those challenges. Here are three tips to help.

Make sure your vehicle is set up properly 

You’ll do regular safety checks on your vehicle but make sure you do comfort checks too. In particular, make sure that your seat is in the right position. You might want to think about adding cushioning to your steering wheel and seat belt.

Also, make sure that you have space for both your essentials and your rubbish. Ideally, take along a small vacuum cleaner for crumbs and some air freshener or a diffuser. Adding scent to your cab can improve your safety as well as your comfort. Scents like citrus and menthol can help to keep you alert and lavender can help you to relax.

Pack appropriately 

You’ll have to allocate some of the space in your vehicle to work-related equipment. For example, you’ll want tools to maintain/repair your vehicle plus safety equipment. Even so, however, you’re likely to have plenty of space for your own items. Also, weight is highly unlikely to be an issue. That means you can afford to pack generously.

Think of packing for an HGV trip as being much the same as packing for a caravanning holiday. You know that at night you’ll have access to utilities, probably including internet access. During the day, however, you should assume that you’re going to have to fend for yourself.

That means you’ll need clothing (including footwear) for all weathers. You’ll also need a supply of food and drink and the means to store and prepare them. You may be able to get meals and supplies on your journey. It is, however, unwise to count on it. It’s better to have supplies and not need them than vice versa.

It’s also advisable to take an eye mask and earplugs and possibly an extra blanket. You might want to pack some basic exercise gear (although you can work out without it). Also, make sure that you bring some form of entertainment you can enjoy on your own. Last but not least, think about how you’re going to keep in touch with your loved ones.

Make the most of your rest breaks 

You’re probably going to need to use part of your rest breaks for practicalities. For example, if you’re on a long trip, then laundry will probably be a consideration. You’ll also probably want to spend some time catching up with the folks back home. This should, however, still leave you with some time left over for activities other than sleep.

Make it a priority to get some exercise. This can be as simple as going for a short walk. Ideally, however, you’ll do something a bit more challenging. Lorry drivers need to get as much cardio exercise as possible. This helps to counterbalance the effects of sitting in a cab for long periods.

Doing some form of stretching can also be very helpful. It helps to prevent you from developing stiff muscles, again due to being in the cab for long periods. The obvious form of stretching exercise is yoga. This adapts very well to small spaces like hotel rooms. If you don’t fancy yoga, tai chi is another good option or even just general stretching.

You might also want to consider looking at mental exercises for calming your mind. These can help you unwind after a long day. There are lots of apps to help with meditation. Alternatively, you could try listening to some gentle audio and/or doing some deep breathing.

Author Bio

Fleet Ex are specialists in quality ex-fleet trucks and trailers and are global leaders in the trucking industry.

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Electric Versus Conventional Motors

As per the EPA, a larger part of ozone harming substance discharges come from vehicles and trucks. In past years, gas from transportation is the second biggest giver. The US’s normal drive is around 20 miles which means a 0.01 metric ton of carbon dioxide transmitted for only one excursion. However apparently little, this includes quick over time as everybody drives. Out of all transportation, around 1,750,000 metric tons is transmitted in a year.

The results of all the air poisons doesn’t come at no danger. The huge measure of carbon dioxide radiated each year is the thing that specialists accept is the reason for a dangerous atmospheric devation. The warming can imperil our wellbeing and can cause outrageous climate, for example, higher ocean levels because of flooding and dry seasons. Since oil is a non-inexhaustible asset, it will simply turn out to be more hard to get, which will aggravate the consuming.

With every one of the apparently adverse consequences of conventional motors, there are a few up-sides. Motors that sudden spike in demand for gas will travel a lot farther than an electric motor. All electric vehicles will just head out up to 100 miles on a full charge prior to waiting be connected once more. In the event that a shopper isn’t close to some place they can charge, this can be a reason for worry to the person. Charging stations have not turned into a ware that is all over yet. Likewise, the cost for a vehicle with a burning motor will be valued lower than that of an unadulterated crossover vehicle. The normal cost to purchase the crossover vehicle pristine can reach up to $30,000, however a customary fair size car has a normal cost of around $18,000.

Albeit electric vehicles are evaluated fundamentally higher than the others, they will regularly most recent quite a while longer than a gas based vehicle. A battery in the electric vehicle will endure up to 100,000 miles prior to waiting be supplanted. With no motor to give support to, cash is saved through the absence of oil changes and upkeep. What’s more, brakes will endure eminently longer subsequently making it considerably more expense productive. Ultimately, and generally significant, zero outflows will stream out from the electric vehicle. A few outflows are radiated to make the power to charge the vehicle, yet it doesn’t come close to the nurseries gases put into the air through burning motors.

The interest for an all half and half vehicle has expanded inside the previous decade, yet conventional vehicles actually sell better. As indicated by the EIA, electric vehicles sell at a tiny part contrasted with gas vehicles. However, by 2040, the development pace of electric vehicles is relied upon to be 11%, though customary vehicles will just develop by 0.1%. Most family families are dared to have the two sorts of vehicles later on, one for going far distances and the other for riding in and out of town. On the off chance that these expectations are right, transportation will at this point don’t be a gigantic patron of ozone harming substances and every individual’s carbon impression won’t an affect the climate.

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Advantages Of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the new expansion to the auto business. With innovation taking up a speed in the present period, the auto business has additionally emphasizd to the electric models of the vehicle. Albeit these are not generally utilized today consequently mixture vehicles are likewise accessible which work both with power and gas. The greatest benefit of utilizing these vehicles is that they are altogether eco agreeable as the fossil fuel byproduct from vehicles crumbles the environment by creating ozone harming substances. Thus, these vehicles are a phenomenal decision for balancing out the climate. Picking an electric vehicle likewise brings forth government sponsorships for being natural cognizant.

The absolute first inquiry which springs up is that what are really electric vehicles? Then, at that point, these vehicles are uniquely planned and introduced with battery-powered batteries for working. Here are a few focuses you ought to consider prior to getting one:

1. No need of gas:

Electric vehicles run totally on the battery-powered batteries. Along these lines, saves you from gas necessity. Fuel based vehicles now and again are not pocket amicable because of the fluctuating fuel costs yet with electric ones there’s no compelling reason to depend on the fuel by any means.

2. It causes saving:

The fuel costs are diminished thus the cash can without much of a stretch be saved. Furthermore, government prizes with impetuses for becoming environmentally friendly which can likewise assist you with investment funds. The greater part of the vehicle consumption is without a doubt on the fuel and electric vehicles doubtlessly safeguards you from it.

3. Zero emanations:

As examined before, the fossil fuel byproducts are unsafe for climate as well as perilous to our wellbeing. The carbon is significant donor in breaking down the ozone layer and henceforth electric vehicles are climate agreeable. With the utilization of these vehicles, you will be adding to practicing environmental awareness.

4. Financially savvy:

It is accepted that electric vehicles are costly and cause a great deal on your pockets for the general upkeep yet on the opposite these are completely practical. The large scale manufacturing of batteries and impetuses have let down the support of such vehicles.

5. Low clamor contamination:

Electric engines which are utilized in these vehicles don’t deliver any commotion and proceed flawlessly out and about. The clamors are not delivered even at higher speed increase rates. This is a tremendous advantage since fuel based vehicles cause a great deal of clamor contamination also.

There’s no compelling reason to worry over getting one or not. Electric vehicles are the new age vehicles which are stacked with advantages and you can check one out.

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The Investigation Of Race Vehicle Brakes

Race vehicle brakes have many advantages just as disadvantages. There are different materials that go into making these specific vehicle parts. Likewise, there are various convincing motivations behind why picking race vehicle earthenware production over standard semi-metallic brakes is shrewd. For this situation, we will dissect which brakes are better.

The clay brake circles offer better grasp and taking care of in this manner making the driving experience agreeable and trustworthy. The earthenware production additionally push out more power while halting. Race vehicle brakes perform better compared to its standard partners and have decreased pressure related with heat. The brake cushions have a superior life expectancy and have to a greater degree a strong exhibition. Since the life expectancy is longer, you will not need to stress over brake fixes however much you ordinarily would with the standard choice. The ceramics are additionally calmer and make less residue which forestalls gunk amassing in little spaces.

However, there are a couple of disadvantages when utilizing race vehicle brakes. Brake fixes will cost much more when utilizing this sort of material. It is more hard to produce and the course of establishment becomes convoluted. Once in a while, not all vehicles are viable with the brakes utilized on dashing vehicles or execution vehicles. The diverse material used to make these parts is likewise the thing impacts the vehicle’s driving capacity.

Clay brake cushions, for example, are made of copper filaments rather than the steel fleece that is utilized in semi-metallic cushions. The steel fleece is a lot noisier and accordingly it goes about as a grating, so it winds up adding to mileage.

There are additionally various types of ceramic cushions and plates like carbon earthenware production. Carbon pottery are better for some reasons. They offer some weight decrease, and that is gainful for any presentation vehicle as speed is the thing that most drivers are searching for in these quick vehicles. The carbon ceramics are better at taking care of the hotness that is brought about by the grinding of halting. The cushions have better protection from distorting also, so the carbons keep an eye on last longer than the standard adaptations. The best component of carbon pottery is that the opposition won’t consume the surface, accordingly it can withstand a portion of the most noticeably terrible climate conditions. Moreover, when carbon ceramics are new there is to a lesser degree a slowing down feel in the pedal particularly vulnerable. This issue can be tackled by permitting the carbon ceramics to warm up, as on a track day.

At last, you need to find out if you wanted them. Carbon ceramics or earthenware production can be expensive and offer insignificant advantages for ordinary street clients. Continuously consider introducing brakes that will not cost much as far as brake fixes. Likewise, consider parts that will upgrade the vehicle’s presentation out and about while guarding you while slowing down under cruel conditions.

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